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Blok-Z was founded in early 2018. The core team has more than 40 years of experience in software, product management, business development and especially in the energy and software industry. We are aware of how important the Blockchain technology is now and will be in the future. Our goal is to raise this awareness in all sectors and to reorient future technology with blockchain.

As Blok-Z, we offer blockchain based solutions for energy markets. With our first product “Ener-Z”, we aim to bring all producers, suppliers and consumers in a blockchain based market.

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What we do?

With Ener-Z, we aim to enable producers and consumers to trade energy in a free market without any intermediaries by paying much lower amounts for technical loss and transmission fees.

In particular, we aim to provide the equitable, cheap, innovative, secure and transparent infrastructure by focusing on blockchain technology and solve the problems that the existing system lacks to solve.

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P2P Trading Based Platform

Our main goal is to create a platform where electricity trading can be done P2P, and to develop a system that records all the transactions in the blockchain. Through the platform, we can provide infrastructure for four different usecases that we have determined as priority.


P2P Electricity Trading

P2P, self running, transparent, reliable and high profitable energy trading with blockchain infrastucture.

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Wholesale Energy Trading

Restoring trust lost in bilateral agreements and gaining time with smart contracts.


EV Charging

The energy required to charge electric vehicles by the use of pre-use reservation, sharing economy and energy to be supplied from a free market.


Carbon Trading

Verification of carbon footprint certificates and carbon trading with blockchain infrastructure.



Blok-Z enters the scene



PoC on Ethereum



Pre-seed investment

Growth Circuit

Draper University Hero Training in San Francisco




With a major European Energy Company



Tachyon Accelerator

Secured a spot at the world’s best blockchain program!



Pre-seed round closed

Raised 200K USD in funding from ConsenSys and Draper University



First Sale in Turkey



First Sale in US



Scalable sales

International Accelerator and Partners



Our valuable team, who have worked in managerial, senior developer or specialist positions in various companies.

Selim Satıcı

Selim Satıcı

Co-Founder / CEO
Erhan Yıldırım

Erhan Yıldırım

Co-Founder / COO
Mohamed Abdulaziz

Mohamed Abdulaziz

Co-Founder / CTO
Aykut Alpgiray Ateş

Aykut Alpgiray Ateş

Fullstack Developer
Shefqet Hasanbashaj

Shefqet Hasanbashaj

Marketıng Manager
Can Arslan

Can Arslan


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blok-Z?

Blok-Z is a start-up developing blockchain solutions for any kind of electricity trading especially for electricity producers, retailers and consumers to meet their needs on fast and smart contracts.

What is Ener-Z?

Ener-Z is the product name of Blok-Z’s Blockchain solutions focusing on electricity trading.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain, the decentralized network, allows users to make transactions directly peer to peer, without any middleman to manage the exchange of assets.

Why blockchain?

Blockchain is a new data structure with an automated way to enforce trust among participants. Consensus algorithms ensure that all participants agree on the data stored within the blockchain. Blockchain opens the door to disrupt any industry that relies on a central authority to confirm authenticity. It also allows independent, and even competing organizations, to share information to gain efficiencies across an industry

Many companies  and consortia in the electricity sector are actively investing in  blockchain projects. Potential applications span the entire electricity  sector like local retail, wholesale electricity markets, network support services, electric vehicle integration and environmental  attribute markets. Nonetheless, blockchain technology’s future in electricity systems is uncertain. We are well aware of it and take the risk to go further.

Which blockchain platform Ener-Z using?

We were using ethereum blockchain with ERC-20 standards. Now we develop solutions on Hyperledger for smart contracts between institutions. Both technologies have their advantages. We think there is no best, each use case should be well examined and the blockchain should be decided so.

Will you create smart contracts? Why?

We definitely will create smart contracts for any Energy Exchange.

The advantages of smart contracts are below :

  1. Autonomy: There is no need to rely on third parties since execution is managed automatically by the network. This also knocks out the danger of manipulation by intermediaries which could be biased or individuals who may err.
  2. Trust: Documents are encrypted on shared ledger and all parties can have access to them. (There is no way that someone can lose it.)
  3. Backup: Documents are duplicated many times over on the blockchain and can’t ever be lost.
  4. Safety: Encryption of documents, making them near-impenetrable by hackers.
  5. Speed: Smart contracts are automatically self-executed software codes, so it saves time and paperwork. Thereby, increase functionality on business processes.
  6. Savings: Smart contracts saves money by taking out the middleman.
  7. Accuracy: Automated contracts avoid the errors that come from manually out heaps of forms.
  8. Transparency: For certain organizations smart contract could add another level of transparency to dealings

What is the difference from existing solutions?

Current solutions are  weak in terms of security, transparency, reconciliation they are outdated at the point of managing currency flow in an efficient and fast way..

Will Ener-Z be traded on crypto stock exchanges?

No! Ener-Z is not a crypto money to be traded on stock exchanges. Ener-Z will only provide a blockchain based infrastructure for the use in energy trading.

Will you launch ICO?

We will not do any ICO.

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