About Us

Blok-Z was founded in January 2018. As founders, we always had a dream of peer-to-peer energy trading. This dream later became possible with 4 more friends who were in accordance with our vision and mission. So the Blok-Z core team was formed. We have worked in different enterprise software companies and have more than 50 years of experience in total. By the end of March 2018 Blok-Z has already created tokens and made transactions on Ethereum official testnet. We are glad to say that we agreed with one of the biggest energy companies in Turkey to start the biggest energy & blockchain pilot project on Earth. This project makes us unique among all other energy & blockchain startups.

What Are We Offering?

We believe that blockchain technology, which is transparent, safe, sustainable, economical and measurable, will be used effectively in many sectors in the near future. In this context, we are excited to announce that we are building a brand new energy platform based on distributed database architecture by combining our sectoral experiences in energy efficiency and renewable energy with blockchain. On this platform consumers and producers will be able to trade electricity peer-to-peer without any middleman. Tokens will be used to buy electricity anytime/anywhere!

Ener-Z Features

Ener-Z prepares a structure and a sales platform for unlicenced electricty providers.

Global Partners and Accelerators


This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • Q1.2018


  • Q2.2018


  • Q1.2019


    One of the biggest

    Energy Company

  • Q4. 2019

    First Sale in Turkey

  • Q3.2020

    First Sale in U.S.

  • Q3.2022

    Break Even

Blok-Z Team

Experienced team members.

  • Selim Satıcı
    Selim Satıcı
    Chief Executive Officer / Co Founder
  • Erhan Yıldırım
    Erhan Yıldırım
    Head Of R&D / Co Founder
  • Can Kınav
    Can Kınav
    Chief Marketing Officer

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Selim Satıcı
Chief Executive Officer / Co Founder
Erhan Yıldırım
Head Of R&D / Co Founder
Can Kınav
Chief Marketing Officer